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To remind myself in case I forget, I'm posting the introductory video of an MOOC I finished recently that has affected and influenced me: Think101x, The Science of Everyday Thinking.

What's new on your end?


Being a Reflective Teacher

What do you remember most about your teachers both good and bad?
How do you remember them?

I recently read this letter to that young teacher down the hall, and it struck a chord, a nerve, a vein on that part of me that aims to impress or impose rather than really care.  Especially this one:
Because we want our students to think we’re the very best at what we do and we believe that this status of excellence is achieved merely by doing. But we forget- and often. Excellence is more readily attained by being.
Being available.
Being kind.
Being compassionate.
Being transparent.
Being real.
Being thoughtful.
Being ourselves.
from:  http://pursuitofajoyfullife.wordpress.com/

For someone like me who has been teaching for almost two decades, it can be a challenge to always remain focused at the heart of teaching and not get stuck into tedious, dragging routine.  Sometimes, I forget to be a good model of lifelong learning and self-reflection.  Like those teachers stuck in time, I march on without improving myself.

How can there be a catalyst for change in the classroom if the one who promotes it cannot even actively reflect? That, instead of being the light in the classroom, I promote darkness?

I have made recommendations in the past on how to change DepEd, even sharing studies on teacher effectiveness.  I realize that without the proper disposition to teach or the critical consciousness good teachers are known to possess, no amount of study, research, or readings will make a difference.


I am no longer writing here

But I should.  Unless I accept that blogging here has become irrelevant.  Many have come and gone swept like the tides that continue to change the landscape of our country.

I wonder if people will notice when I do take flight?

Are you a blogger?  Do you find constancy and relevance in what you do?

These are pertinent questions that I extend so as to have something posted today.  If only I can prolong this blog of ten years.  


in the silence of our hearts

"Let's offer a moment of silence for those who suffered in the Visayas." I said before beginning a seminar-workshop on positive work attitude last week.

At that moment, it was the most I could do after donating and offering prayers for the victims.  The natural calamity created much noise before, during, and continues to make terrible noise now.  Complaints, infighting, accusations, and blame pepper the air coupled with the dramatics of music videos, human interest stories, and appeals for help and donations.

We are really one noisy bunch.  And we can't get our act together.  

I tweeted that the after effects of the typhoon indicate our lack of organization, that we are a nation divided and not a nation at all.  I continue to participate in both inane and a little intelligent conversations, watch the news and opinions of several experts on almost everything about Yolanda.  It makes me wonder, what good is it all doing? Do I really benefit from these discussions? Am I helping?

It can be a cause for much headache, you know, the noise.  When sometimes it is better to just be still and keep silent.  We can't, which is an indicator of how much internal noise we have.  

Heraclitus said "Silence, healing."  I should take time to reflect and meditate on all that transpired.  I invite you to do the same.  
"This incapacity to concentrate and wrestle with ambiguous or challenging issues has obvious implications for learning. It also has implications for our ability to relate to each other, and to understand ourselves." (David Bollier, On the Need for Silence and Solitude)
We need silence to survive.  The brain cannot function properly when it is distracted.  Maybe that's it.  Maybe the psyche of the Filipino has been so bombarded with noise that it can't function properly.  

Hit Pause.  Think.  And listen to the stirrings of the heart.   If we don't find time for it then we might not hear, feel, and think what we really should.  


Simulan Mo Na

Like what Pedicab said:  
"Simulan mo na ang dapat mong ginawa nung umpisaGawin mo na ang dahilan na pinanganak ka"
Begin what you should have done from the startDo what you are born to do.

With so many seemingly insurmountable pending tasks, the most important thing to do is to live.  Roger that.
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